Adlen Collective Support Group          Abdelhafid Rouag is dead.

                                                                                explain us!


Everybody called him Adlen. He was found senseless at the crossroads of rue des Dames and Truffaut, Paris XVII░. Shortly after, he was reported to have been at the police  station at that very area.

Coincidence? After a few days, on October 15, Adlen died without  ever having regained consciousness. As Kheira Rouag's defense counsel points out:

"The conjunction of time and location generate legitimate  questions."

Apparently these questions are sufficient for the Attorney  General to initiate an investigation by the justice department and to request  an IGS internal investigation (IGS: police of the police). Now we wait for  answersůwhat we really want is Truth. The offensive attitude of the different public  services that Kheira had to face during  three days should also be explained.

This website will allow anyone, particularly Adlen's family and his friends, to be apprised of what we know, what has been written in the press ans status of the investigation etc... sorry only few pages are translated.

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